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* Including "unlimited, searchable archived chats" and "archived chat from video calls" (if you are currently using Slack or Zoom, your students are probably asking about this)

Live Syllabus automates the hard stuff

Originally developed for bootcamp coding courses, Live Syllabus is intended to merge in-person and remote student participation into one unified platform, increasing student engagement while promoting your class. Free up instructor's time by automating tedious reminders and clarifying due dates and educational goals.

Syllabus Content Management

With your team, create and manage courses, quizzes, lessons, assignments, and more. LiveSyllabus LMS was designed for both in-person, remote, self-paced, and custom-paced programs, and has features specifically for institutions that find themselves continually switching between styles.

Due-dates and Grading

Keep times, dates, and grading duties clear to both students and instructional staff with a flexible system of deadlines and obligations.

Student Interaction

Integrated video chat system with searchable archive, allowing students to interact with instructors and each other.


Live Syllabus integrates with Zapier, which in turn supports 100s of API platforms. This allows you to automate more, with promoting your school and drive student engagement.

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